Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Don't Glue Eyes on your Pet Rock

Please don't glue eyes on your pet rock.

Pet rocks don't need plastic eyes glued onto them. Rocks don't really like plastic all that much. It's not natural and doesn't have all that much durability. Other rocks will laugh at them and tease them for being pets.

Also, when rocks go astray, they are stuck with those plastic eyes as they break, crack and chip away. Not very safe, or pretty. Unsightly, you could say.

They also don't want everyone expecting them to see just because someone glued on fake eyes.

Rocks prefer rolling around in the dark, feeling their way as they go. If they could see everything they would have to make all kinds of excuses for hitting things, breaking things and skipping over things.

How long after gluing on those eyes will pet rocks be expected to do things like reading! Unfair expectations for sure.

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